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Eye Bolts - Metric Tested

Eyebolts are available in DIN 580 and BS specifications, as well as stainless steel and in long shank. BS and galvanised DIN eyebolts are suitable for lifting applications. Stainless steel eyebolts are used where rust or corrosion is a problem, but are not suitable for lifting. The eyebolts are marked with the thread size, working load limit and manufacturer’s symbol.

British Standard eyebolts may be used to lift inclined loads, but at a reduced working load. BS eyebolts are available with metric, Imperial and UNC threads. The sizes available are as follows:
- BS 4278 metric thread - 6mm to 76mm (60kg to 25t)
- BS 529 Whitworth thread - 3/8” to 2 ?” (225kg to 20t)
- BS 529 UNC thread - 3/8” to 1 1/4” (250kg to 4,5t)

DIN eyebolts may be used to lift inclined loads, but at a reduced working load. DIN eyebolts have larger eyes and are available either galvanised or in stainless steel. Sizes available are as follows:
- DIN 580 galvanised - 6mm to 72mm (70kg to 16t)
- DIN 580 stainless steel - 6mm to 24mm (70kg to 1,8t)

Long shank eyebolts also have a large eye and are available in galvanised and stainless steel. Galvanised eyebolts are load rated and may be used for lifting purposes. They are available from 6mm to 38mm thread diameters (150kg to 4t). Stainless steel eyebolts are not suitable for lifting applications. They are available from 6mm to 12mm thread diameters.

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